Getting Stuck Can Be A Thing Of The Past...

"Yes, Therese! Help Me Create My Compass So I Can
Make Decisions Quickly, Confidently, And Fall Back
In Love With My Business!"

Thank you for enjoying the Stop Getting Stuck training. Designing your business around what you want is essential if you want to re-ignite your passion for helping people with your products and services.

The Create Your Compass Program Brings A New Energy And
Passion Back Into Your Life And Business!

I love helping entrepreneurs like you get un-stuck. And I designed this fast, intensive program with three key results in mind:

  1. Dig deep to discover what really makes you tick
  2. Know exactly what’s been holding you back from the next level of success
  3. Design your business in alignment with your core values

The Magic Of A Great Coach Gets You Clarity And
Confidence In Minutes, Not Months!

Create Your Compass Coaching Session With Therese SparbyBy The End Of Our 2 Hour Coaching Session, You Will…

  • Re-connect with what drives you but you’ve long been ignoring
  • Discover the pieces of your business that make working a piece of cake
  • Harness your powers of Awareness & Choice – and get back in the driver’s seat of your life!
  • Find out what triggers your “Yes” buttons and eliminate obligations, so you can say “No” without regret
  • Avoid struggle and suffer as a daily mode of operation, and
  • Discover what’s so compelling about you that has clients magnetically drawn to work with you!
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I’m excited to help you discover what’s been missing!
Therese Sparby, CPCC