Do You Ever Feel Stuck?

For the past four years, I have been designing my life just the way I want it 🙂 I have been developing my business, facilitating Radical Leadership Retreats, group coaching calls and growing my coaching practice. To taste the success of creating the wild and outrageous things that I want in my life, I have had to GET OVER MYSELF multiple times. The sweet reward is that I am currently (yes just in this very moment) living an alive and vibrant life that has me jump out of bed every morning ready to tackle my day with zest.

Now it is time for me to move on to my next stretch…

Ready for it?..... Drum roll please… Writing a blog. (dun-dun-dun)

I must say... starting a blog is TOUGH STUFF! ... or at least it has been for me.  I have been agonizing for the past month about what to say in my first post, and what "brilliance" I would like to bestow upon the world. (I smile as I write these words)

I have a funny feeling that if I am running though these thoughts over a simple blog-post, that you may be experiencing a similar sensation somewhere in your life. Where in your life are you currently struggling and feeling agitated? Do you ever feel stuck, you know you want to create something, and no matter how many times you tell yourself, "tomorrow I will do it" ... it never seems to get done?  Never fear, there are a few things that can make life a little easier on you and just may help you get that pesky thing done.

As I have been struggling with this particular task, I have taken three simple steps to ensure that I push myself past this fear and into the realm of creation and possibility.  The first thing that I did was get-clear about why I wanted to have this conversation with you. The second thing I did was to share my goal with others and ask for their help in holding me accountable to having this posted. (A big thanks to those of you that have been my butt-kickers) Finally, I took a deep breath and once again I have gotten over myself. I know that even though this post is not perfect, if it is meant to, it will have value for you. I surrender, knowing that I will never get the words on this page perfectly, so I may as well just start right here. ?

The longer I have waited, the harder it has gottten and then today, as I was working on the oh-so intelligent post that I have been agonizing over, I thought to myself, "Self, what if this was as easy as talking about how hard this first post has been to write:-)"

I must say, sometimes amongst my stupidity (silliness), I have amazing moments of sheer genius! So here is my first post, nothing special, just a simple introduction to me and the challenges I am facing in my world in hopes that you may see yourself in, or find value from my awareness’s and challenges.

There you have it, if you find yourself stuck, be sure to:

  1. Get Clear About What You Want And Why You Want It
  2. Create A Support Structure (This Was An Accountability Crew For Me)
  3. Take a Deep Breath And Then (My Favorite)--- Get Over Yourself

Yours In Essence,

Therese Sparby


PS Starting a conversation with you by posting this simple post has three huge benefits- and tomorrow I will share those benefits with you but today, for now, it is time for me to take a deep breath and celebrate the fact that I did it! And that our conversation has begun?

"This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
-Lao Tzu

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