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Welcome to Awaken Your Essence, where I am dedicated to...

  • Having you experience and live in your brilliance
  • Provide a path for you to live an alive and vibrant life
  • Show you how to live on the edge of possibility
  • And demonstrate how you can create what you want in any given moment regardless of the circumstances

Whether you and I coach together privately or you simply get inspired by reading my thoughts on this site, I hope to serve as a catalyst for you to Awaken Your Essence!

Therese Sparby

p.s. No matter what kind of post you are reading today, please enjoy it and post your thoughts discoveries, and comments below.

Celebrate What’s Right With The World: The Power of Essence

Have you heard the good news? Essence is exponential!

This means that by creating what you want, from you essence, you can cause unforeseen possibilities to be created! This is a short video about the distinct differences between creating your world from Essence versus defaulting to running your world from ego. A gentle reminder that has already brightened my day and has me looking forward to the possibilities that I can create 🙂

Join Dewitt Jones who is one of America’s top professional photographers. In his twenty-year career with National Geographic, Dewitt lived the vision of "celebrating what’s right with the world" and he shares what he learned here with you. In one of the most inspiring segments of the video, he talks about how he trusted himself to follow what he wanted and he ended up creating amazing possibilities. Not only for himself and getting the right shot, but that shot created award-winning advertisements for the world to see, and generated the first family reunion in over 200 years for a farmer in Scotland! This is a great example of one man spreading Essence throughout the world exponentially by simply paying-attention to, and creating what he wanted.

Some of my favorite quotes from this movie are:

  • "Vision controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality... Perception controls our reality and if we don't believe it, we won't see it."
  • "Take time to see the light that shines, not on us... but from within us..."
  • "... looking at them from every angle until Wow!.. It was there... It was always there, if I was open enough to see it."
  • "How open to possibility does our vision allow us to be?"
  • "How do we live in uncertainty and act with confidence?"
  • "When I weave, I weave."

Post a comment below and share your favorite lines from the film, and what new possibilities you see in your life having the opportunity to "Celebrate what's right with the world?"

Yours In Essence,

Therese Sparby

P.S. If you like this video and want to show it commercially, be sure you visit this site to purchase it:-)

Essence In Action!

Check this video out! If you have not already seen it, WATCH IT! this is so worth your time. If you have seen it, enjoy it again 🙂

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Baby Steps…

Yesterday I promised you the three benefits that came from my simple post... Here they are!

  1. I have taken the hardest step... the first step.
  2. I have given myself FULL permission to fail (how fun is that?!?!?)
  3. I have an opportunity to celebrate!

The first big benefit of getting my first post done is that  I have now taken one step in the direction of doing something that I have wanted to do for a LONG time.  I once heard Dave Ramsey say, "Baby step number one is the HARDEST baby step, and baby step number one is also the easiest." It is the hardest step because it requires a decision, a commitment and action. These three things can become a big hurdle to jump... but the good news is that baby step number one can also be the easiest! If you are planning a new undertaking, or project, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR! Make your first-step a baby-step. The easier it is to attain, the more likely you are to start the ball rolling. Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Ever Feel Stuck?

For the past four years, I have been designing my life just the way I want it 🙂 I have been developing my business, facilitating Radical Leadership Retreats, group coaching calls and growing my coaching practice. To taste the success of creating the wild and outrageous things that I want in my life, I have had to GET OVER MYSELF multiple times. The sweet reward is that I am currently (yes just in this very moment) living an alive and vibrant life that has me jump out of bed every morning ready to tackle my day with zest.

Now it is time for me to move on to my next stretch…

Ready for it?..... Drum roll please… Writing a blog. (dun-dun-dun)

I must say... starting a blog is TOUGH STUFF! ... or at least it has been for me.  I have been agonizing for the past month about what to say in my first post, and what "brilliance" I would like to bestow upon the world. (I smile as I write these words) Read the rest of this entry »

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