Baby Steps…

Yesterday I promised you the three benefits that came from my simple post... Here they are!

  1. I have taken the hardest step... the first step.
  2. I have given myself FULL permission to fail (how fun is that?!?!?)
  3. I have an opportunity to celebrate!

The first big benefit of getting my first post done is that  I have now taken one step in the direction of doing something that I have wanted to do for a LONG time.  I once heard Dave Ramsey say, "Baby step number one is the HARDEST baby step, and baby step number one is also the easiest." It is the hardest step because it requires a decision, a commitment and action. These three things can become a big hurdle to jump... but the good news is that baby step number one can also be the easiest! If you are planning a new undertaking, or project, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR! Make your first-step a baby-step. The easier it is to attain, the more likely you are to start the ball rolling.

For those of you that are still stuck, and may be saying, yeah...sure it's just not that easy... Let me assure you, that is a perfectly natural thought, and quite predictable. As a matter of fact, our culture, in general, has been pre-programed that way. For just a moment I would encourage you to let-go of that thought and imagine that it is possible for you to have exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it... what is one baby step that you can take toward that vision that will inspire you?

Consider that just a month ago I had several excuses for not having this website up... the moment I made my first step an easy one ... Voila! My first blog post... and now my second 🙂 (and great comments on my first I might add)

Curious Question:
What is it that you have wanted for a long time? What is your first baby step?

The second benefit of keeping the first post simple is that I have given myself FULL permission to fail! The longer that I waited the more and more pressure I put on myself. I created wild fantasies about how amazing and perfect things would be and then I froze. I froze because there is NO way that I can even come near achieving the fantasy-version that I created in my mind. I want to be engaged with you, and to be engaging for you, and so insted of allowing the perfectness of reality to be what I share with you, I have been trying to fabricate some brilliance out of thin air! (not easy I can assure you) Then I read a book that my friend referred to me titled "Take Action Revise Later" Which reminded me in a not-so subtle way, that no matter where I start (or what post I put up first) that ANY post is better than no post and that the only thing that I can guarantee myself is that nothing is going to be perfect the first time around. I found a DEEP BREATH here for myself, and actually got excited about having my first posts be a little messy:-)

Now that I have stopped resisting "what is so" about my first blog posts (ie It is not going to be perfect and not everyone will fall in love with me right off the bat)... I have additional time, energy and creativity.

How is that you ask? Well, I spent so much time looking for the right title, the right topic and the perfect metaphor to share, I have kept my wheels spinning and gotten no traction for over a month! Now that I have surrendered to the "what is so" - the circumstance of the current situation I have stopped pouring my energy into the resistance, gotten excited about failing, and STARTED WRITING.

Curious Question:
Where in your life have you been resisting "what is so"?
What is possible for you if you give yourself full permission to fail?

Finally, by starting with just one blog post I created an opportunity to celebrate. One step taken is a place for me to acknowledge my courage, to step out and begin creating something that I have never created before! This concept may sound self-serving, but let me assure you, celebration is KEY to creating what you want in this world. Let me say that again in case it did not hit you the first time. Celebration is KEY to creating what you want in this world.

In the past I have been the biggest violator of not creating moments of celebration and taking time to acknowledge myself for the things that I have accomplished. You see, we have been programed. Think about a boss that you have had that drove you nuts. You know the boss, the one that was painfully oblivious and never appreciated the work that you did, always griped about what was not done and never acknowledged you when you did something right.

After years of dismissing myself, my mentor Therese Kienast gave me her definition of what it means to be humble, "to own your magnificence."  Talk about WOW. In that moment I realized, that by not celebrating my successes graciously, I had been denying my gifts and  "hiding my light under a bush". I asked myself, "what am I gaining by not allowing myself to celebrate my accomplishments?" Today I fuel my fire with multiple mini-celebrations that bring joy to every day.

Curious Question:
When was the last time you gave yourself permission to celebrate your success?

So remember the next time that you have a goal that you are working towards, start with a baby step, give yourself permission to fail and celebrate your success!

Yours In Essence,

Therese Sparby

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