Therese Sparby Life and Leadership Coach Minneapolis

  • Stop Getting Stuck!If you keep doing the same things over and over, expecting different results, it's no wonder you feel stuck! I can help...
  • Are You A Human Doing? Bring your Soul back into your everyday when you remember that you are a human being, not just a human doing. You can choose differently, and I can show you how...
  • You Don't Need To Be Fixed! Coaching is NOT therapy - and I don't believe you are broken, or need to be rescued. I can wake you up to what is truly possible in your life.
  • Do You Know What You Want? The #1 reason people feel stuck is they aren't living their life in alignment with their core values. In fact, they likely don't even know what those are. I can help you get to the heart of what you want!

Create Your Life The Way You Want It To Be!

I am dedicated to…

  • Having you experience and live in your brilliance
  • Provide a path for you to live an alive and vibrant life
  • Show you how to live on the edge of possibility
  • And demonstrate how you can create what you want in any given moment regardless of the circumstances

And it all starts with getting clear on your core values that serve as your "measuring stick" - those elements of your soul that help you make decisions easily, and live your life with passion instead of neglect.


Join me for a private, Create Your Compass Values Clarification Session, and you'll quickly discover what really makes you tick!


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